Sunday, March 24, 2013

Man In The Moon - Tutorial


Fast note to show you how you can easily get onto Man In The Moon from Basic Sit

If you don't really know how to get onto Basic Sit or on hoop just read prev notes:

My Super Awsome Tutorial Image Below:)
1. Get onto Basci Sit
2. Move tothe one side
3. Put one of your legs behinde the hoop, in case showed on image, this will be your right leg which should land behind hoop
4. Try to lay a little on hoop with your back and KEEP BALANCE, do slow move with your behind leg and try to get it onto igher place of the hoop as showed on image
5. Take your front leg onto hoop, KEEP BALANCE! It might be tricky to not holding a hoop in that position, so if you fell unsafe you can still holding hoop. You can try to change position of hoop on your back a little to feel comfortable and then, when you'll feel safe you can let off your hands from hoop!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Star on the bar - Tutorial


Today I'm gonna show you how you can easily get onto STAR ON THE BAR from BASIC SIT. In previous notes I showed you how you can get onto hoop and into Basic Sit so If you have problems with those notes visit those posts:

1. How to get onto hoop?
2. Types of easiest sits and hangs
3. Inverted Straddle Tutorial
4. Easiest way to get onto hoop
5. Basic Sit from Inverted Straddle

Here is my awsome tutorial image below :D

1. Get onto Basic Sit
2. You have to try to move your butt a little forward, try to move to the place like below "destination" on the image on the left.You're still sitting a little on you're butt but you are close you "destination" ok?

TIP: Star On The Bar might be a tricky one, if you won't feel moment while you're still on butt and raising your legs you may fall. Try to keep balance for all time! Getting already into destination without raising your legs may cause that you'll fall.

3. Now you have to raise your legs into straddle and move your butt to land in your "destination" place on your lower back as you can see on image on the left.

4. Now you have to just hang in that position

5. And let go your hands ;) You're in STAR ON THE BAR! :)

TIP: the more flexible you are the better Star On The Bar looks, and the easiest it is :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

How can I sit from inverted straddle? Tutorial

Probably you'll ask yourself that question ;) Becouse if you're not a strongman or somethinng it might be really annoying for you! :) I know something about it! xD

Ok so let's see on a tutorial:

1. You're in straddle invert, now you have to bend your knees and catch the hoop with your underknees
2. Now the tricky part, it is good if you can swing yourself as much as you can tooo....
3. Catch hoop with your hands AS HIGH AS YOU CAN! The higher you'll catch, the easier will be getting into basic sit! You can try streighten one leg while doing that, it shoudl help you. And now: PUSHHHHHHH!
4. You're in the basic sit! :)

Don't be worry if it won't come easly for you. It require a lot of strength so be patient and finally you'll do that, to preper yourself to that you can do crunches while hanging on your underknees. :) Like here:

Easiest way to get onto aerial hoop!

If you are still weak and you want to get onto hoop reaaaally badly I have something for you :)

I think there's no better way to get onto :) It's quite easy and don't requite so much strength as getting into basic sit from inverted straddle or pike :) So it's perfect for beginners!

HOLD HOOP AS HIGH AS YOU CAN! It is the most important thing here, it will help you sooo much if you will hold it high!
JUMP! Jump and catch hoop with your underknee!
Streighten your leg which was catching hoopand bring it to the front side of the hoop, raise your body with your arms so you can 'sit' :) You're almost there!!
Catch both sides of hoop with your hands. IMPORTANT: watch out for your 'delicate' plece ;) in that position :) try to not sit directly on THAT place :) just a little bit on a side ;)
Move your body to the one side so you can bring leg which is behind you to the fron :)
Sit comfortably and... YOU'RE THERE! :)

Tutorial and Tips on Inverted Straddle V

At the beginning of this longer note I want you to know(becouse you might be here for the first time):
- I'm a newbe in it, it's my second training ever after 2 week break(becouse of the weather... It's still more winter than spring in Poland, yesterday I trained with sun and 13C degrees, and today it's -4 and snowing! -_-, and my trains depends on weather, becouse I have hoop in my garden :( )
- I'm pole dancing for 10 months now, so it might be easier for me to do hoop stuff.

As I said, yesterday the weather was quite good so I decided to train again after 2 weeks of break.
How was it?
I have to say it is was awsome! :)
FIRST: I regret a little that I still can't do inverted V with strength of only my muscels like on pole, I still jave to jump a little to land in it perfectly. I think it's still becouse of my stomach muscels, which are strong, but on pole, while doing inverted straddle, you can a little rely on pole, then raise your legs and then use that rely to push them behind you. YOU CAN NOT do that on hoop, you don't have any support from hoop, there are only your arms and floor which can help you. So it's obvious that we are jumping at the beginning. But I think there is one exercise that can help us with achiving that one:
1st STEP
Just stand in front of hoop, catch hoop, and bend your knees and try to bring them as close to your chest as you can and HOLD! As long as you can! :) It is really good exercise for beginning

2nd STEP

 When you will be able to stay in that position like forever try to do push ups on hoop.

Push-ups are hard, you don't need them to do Inverted Straddle from jump, but if you want to do it using only your muscles you have to exercise that one.

3rd STEP
 Push-up's that will bring you as close to the straddle as they can!

 This is hard! You might need some time to master that one! You need belly, core and arms strength, so if you're not sure about it be carefull and train, one day you'll achieve it!

4th STEP
Now you can try move to the 3rd step on image below:
Lower your hands and bring your butt upper, it is really hard one, you have to synchronise your body, lower your hands and lifting your butt at the same time!

5th STEP
Now you can try 4th step from upeer image. Just streighten your legs on sides and bring your butt as high as you can! :) And you're in a straddle now! It require some work, but it's possible for everyone! :)


Pose Halasana from youga is awsome for building core and belly strength!
If you hace bed with legs, or something you can hold to, this exercise is also really good for those muscles:

You can also do push ups (if you can't try with that awsome tutorial which I found!):

Don't forget about stretching and be careful! :)

Next tips blog entry soon! :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flexibility training for aerial hoopers.

Stretching is not for everyone! If you have any problems with your hips, back or knees be careful, and the best would be if you would ask your doctor first, if you can do any flexibility exercises!

While stretching there might be pressure which can be really dangerous! So If you feel pain or something is making you concerned give youorself a break. You won't stretch your body in one day. We are talking here about MONTHS or YEARS of trainings which can actually improve your flexibility a lot(still you probable wont be able to do some hardcore moves like that one:

 but still you can be better than you the day before :) ).

But patience is really the most important here.
 Patience and persistence!

If you've never done any kind of flexible training before start with some simple things. 
Here is a really nice movie by emotioncatcher, who is pole dancing and hooping, she did movie for pole dancers about stretching, but it will be great for aerial hoopers too: 

But remember : You might not be as good as her. She is practicing it for 3 or 4 years now so remember to do everything as you feel it. Do not overtrain yourself, becouse if you will try too hard to stretch your muscles you might end up with contusion becouse of which you won't be able to stretch for like weeks or even months!( I had my tendon contucion in my thigh and I couldn't stretch for 2 months! )

I can guarantee that if you will stretch your body everyday the effects will be really fast! 

So move your ass and stretch! :)

One more important thing: 
So you have to remember about WARM UP! It might be faster than regular one for trainings, but you have to do it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Poses directory - vol. 8 "Hands and Legs Hangs"

HANDS AND LEGS HANGS - poses that mostly hangs on both hands and legs:

Photos tooked from youtube,google and tumblr. If you are the author or model and you want to be mantioned here just let me know. Or if you want your photo to be delate also, just let me know about it!

Poses directory - vol. 7 "SEATS"

SITTING POSES - poses that mostly sits on hoop:

Photos tooked from youtube,google and tumblr. If you are the author or model and you want to be mantioned here just let me know. Or if you want your photo to be delate also, just let me know about it!

Poses directory - vol. 6 "Lying"

LYING POSES - poses that mostly lying on hoop:

Photos tooked from youtube,google and tumblr. If you are the author or model and you want to be mantioned here just let me know. Or if you want your photo to be delate also, just let me know about it!

Poses directory - vol. 5 "Hands Hangs"

HANDS HANGS POSES - poses that mostly hangs on your hands/elbows/armpits:

Photos tooked from youtube,google and tumblr. If you are the author or model and you want to be mantioned here just let me know. Or if you want your photo to be delate also, just let me know about it!