Sunday, March 24, 2013

Man In The Moon - Tutorial


Fast note to show you how you can easily get onto Man In The Moon from Basic Sit

If you don't really know how to get onto Basic Sit or on hoop just read prev notes:

My Super Awsome Tutorial Image Below:)
1. Get onto Basci Sit
2. Move tothe one side
3. Put one of your legs behinde the hoop, in case showed on image, this will be your right leg which should land behind hoop
4. Try to lay a little on hoop with your back and KEEP BALANCE, do slow move with your behind leg and try to get it onto igher place of the hoop as showed on image
5. Take your front leg onto hoop, KEEP BALANCE! It might be tricky to not holding a hoop in that position, so if you fell unsafe you can still holding hoop. You can try to change position of hoop on your back a little to feel comfortable and then, when you'll feel safe you can let off your hands from hoop!

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