Friday, March 8, 2013

How to get onto aerial hoop. Invert, pike, straddle mounts.

There are severat ways you can get onto your aerial hoop.

We will use this movie as a reference becouse poses are clear, named, and nicely done:

First way to get onto hoop is:

 Pike mount: You can try that one but if you didn't train before it might be tricky. You should work on your arms muscles and stomach to do that one. To mastered that one you can train halasana pose from yoga: and trying to do it as slow as you can. It will build your muscles and make it strong. Just remember to do is slooooow :).

 Next is straddle mount, it might be easier for you becouse you don't have to brought your knees between your hands. At the beggining you can just jump into it, try to stay in that position for a while, than put your legs onto hoop and bend them, you can sit then or get back onto floor by getting back into straddle mount. You can also try straddle mount on a side.Try to lift your body slowly, and drop it slowly too, it will make you stronger, it will take some time, but the effords will be reward :).

Delilah mount: This is probably the easiest way to get onto hoop. You can jump or lift yourself and hang one leg onto hoop. Then you can lift your body and sit on your 'soft' place, then take one leg to the other and you'll be in simple sitting :)

If you feel that you are still not strong enough try to work on your abs mouscles, it will help and if you will practise everyday effects will shock you! :)

As I said, you shouldn't jump into poses. This is really important.
If you jump into something that means you're not ready to do it properly.
I understand that you may want to do all that crazy stuff but don't forget about basics, they make aerial hoop performances smooth and pretty, so you should understand that they are REALLY important! :)

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