Saturday, March 23, 2013

Star on the bar - Tutorial


Today I'm gonna show you how you can easily get onto STAR ON THE BAR from BASIC SIT. In previous notes I showed you how you can get onto hoop and into Basic Sit so If you have problems with those notes visit those posts:

1. How to get onto hoop?
2. Types of easiest sits and hangs
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4. Easiest way to get onto hoop
5. Basic Sit from Inverted Straddle

Here is my awsome tutorial image below :D

1. Get onto Basic Sit
2. You have to try to move your butt a little forward, try to move to the place like below "destination" on the image on the left.You're still sitting a little on you're butt but you are close you "destination" ok?

TIP: Star On The Bar might be a tricky one, if you won't feel moment while you're still on butt and raising your legs you may fall. Try to keep balance for all time! Getting already into destination without raising your legs may cause that you'll fall.

3. Now you have to raise your legs into straddle and move your butt to land in your "destination" place on your lower back as you can see on image on the left.

4. Now you have to just hang in that position

5. And let go your hands ;) You're in STAR ON THE BAR! :)

TIP: the more flexible you are the better Star On The Bar looks, and the easiest it is :)

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  1. Just a cautionary note: When you lay on the hoop (pic. no. 3) DO NOT put the bar in the small of your back - you are usually not ready for that as a hoop beginner. Instead get into a bridged plank, hands on hoop, bar still under your butt - then, either open the legs into a side split and at the same time push the hoop into proper place, or slowly maneuver the hoop into position while keeping the lower part of your body rigid - you don't want to loosen/bend those legs, when you feel you hit the spot, open the legs :)