Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aerial Hoop First Tips

Aerial Hoop Blog Start!

Hello there!
I just started aerial hooping yesterday so I think it's nice moment to start a blog for all of those, who would like to get similar to aerial hoop/lyra/ring, however you call it :)

I was pole dancing for 9 months now, so It might be a little easier for me than for other people, who didn't train anything before, but I hope that things posted here might be useful for anyone at any step :)

So for the beginning. Where can I buy a hoop?
There are several place on internet where you can buy it, probably it would be enought if you would post in Google something like "aerial hoop buy" or "aerial hoop city[your city]" you can type also aerial hoop in you language :)

I am from Poland so I can reccomend you Filigran Circus for buying a hoop. They offer variety kinds of hoops, so you can customize it for your needs. It costs ~85euros(350zł) +consts of deliverity , so it's not that expensive :) I bought my hoop there and I have to say I'm really satisfied!

If you are looking for help you can visit Facebook Aerial Hoop page

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