Friday, March 8, 2013

Are aerial arts tough? Warm up and what to remember.

Probably you will ask yourself that question: Is that tough? Any aerial art is hard if you didn't do anything before it but if you want you can try :)

There are few things that may make it tougher:
-your back,
-or heart problems.

If you are not sure of your body or health go to the doctor first! These are not jokes, while doing aerial arts you can really injure yourself so it is really important to remember: IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE SAFE, DON'T DO IT, WAIT, AND TRY ANOTHER TIME!

The most important part of doing any aerial arts is good preparation. You can not forget about getting proper warm up. It should last at least 15minutes and warm everysigle part of your body especially your hands, wrists, fingers, thumb, elbows - Those things are the most important becouse you are using mostly them in any kind of aerials. You can not forget about your back and neck too. For example your worm up may look like that one(it's for pole dancers, but it's so similar to hoop that you can easily try that one): [ ]

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